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Long Island

Long Island Restaurant Week: Nomiya Sushi and Izakaya

By: Olivia Barris

In light of Winter Long Island Restaurant Week, this week we’re featuring returning participant and restaurant Nomiya Sushi and Izakaya! Inspired by the iconic Shinjuku Station in Japan, Nomiya— which translates to ‘saloon’ — Nomiya Sushi and Izakaya is an elevated Japanese restaurant that stands as the area’s first izakaya, a “stay-drink-place.” The restaurant, which is located in Garden City, is a part of the Restaurant Collection at SIMON Roosevelt Field Mall and brings a distinctive Japanese flair to Long Island.

Credit: Nomiya Sushi and Izakaya

Serving authentic Japanese and Korean cuisine in a setting that leverages the Japanese philosophy of minimalism, the interior of Nomiya is split between a hickory-accented bar and a windowed dining room framed by black granite walls. Aside from the restaurant’s beautiful and relaxing ambiance, guests can enjoy some of Nomiya’s signature dishes and iconic rolls, such as the Avocado Bomb, Suffolk Roll, and their fiery Nomiya Roll (you’ll understand what we mean once you order it).

Credit: Nomiya Sushi and Izakaya

Guests can pair these delicious meals with one of the eleven premium bottles of sake listed on their menu, such as the Yuki Tora Snow Tiger Nigori or Uka Junmai Daiginjo. Not into sake? They have refreshing cocktails made with soju, a national drink of Korea. On top of that, Nomiya also has house-made sodas readily available flavored with either lychee, yuzu, or mandarin, along with your lineup of imported wine and beer selections.

Credit: Nomiya Sushi and Izakaya

If you’re curious to know what Nomiya is offering for this upcoming Restaurant Week, you will not be disappointed. There are many dishes to choose from, so the opportunities are endless. Some appetizers included on the menu are gyoza, fried wings, spicy tuna crispy rice, and shishito peppers. Entrées include teriyaki, Korean short ribs, multiple types of rolls, and stir-fried Yaki udon noodles. For dessert? Mochi ice cream, which is a daily special.

Credit: Nomiya Sushi and Izakaya

For Winter Long Island Restaurant Week, Nomiya Sushi & Izakaya is offering the best of both worlds: a two-course lunch prix fixe menu for $24, as well as a three-course dinner prix fixe menu for $39. Nomiya welcomes you during this year’s restaurant week to “come grab a drink, settle in, and get comfortable with us.” To contact the restaurant or learn more, you can call (516) 916-2923 or visit their website here.

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