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Long Island

4 Restaurants on Long Island with Delicious Clam Chowder

As the temperature drops and the icy chill emerges, we all seek a heartwarming, savory meal to warm us up. What better way to combat the cold than with a nice hearty cup of hot clam chowder? Long Island is known for having some of finest clam chowders in the region, and here are four restaurants serving the delicious dish this winter.

Bigelow’s Fried Clams
Credit: Bigelow’s Fried Clams

Bigelow’s Fried Clams has been a local favorite since 1939. Located in Rockville Centre, the restaurant specializes in seafood, with a focus on its fried dishes and chowders. Their chowders are made fresh daily with top-notch ingredients, as they have used the same New England vendor for their clams for over 70 years. They offer both the creamy New England and brothy Manhattan Clam chowder, along with a seafood bisque if you want to broaden your horizons. With options like these, you really can’t go wrong.

Claudio’s Tavern and Grill
Claudio’s Tavern and Grill Chowder
Credit: Claudio's Tavern and Grill

Claudio’s Tavern and Grill in Greenport is a national historic landmark serving American cuisine with an emphasis on seafood, in a New England coastal tradition. With a beautiful view of the water, the restaurant uses high-quality, fresh seafood and ingredients within their dishes. Their New England Chowder, which is a beloved favorite amongst customers, is made with little neck clams, diced potatoes and cream. If you’re looking for something to sip on along with your meal, the restaurant carries local wines from all throughout Long Island on their wine list.

Peter’s Clam Bar
Peter’s Clam Bar
Credit: Peter’s Clam Bar

Peter’s Clam Bar, which opened in 1940, prides itself on having the freshest seafood on Long Island. The restaurant, which can be found in Island Park, provides guests with a warm and welcoming dining experience offering a wide variety of menu options to choose from. Everything is made from scratch, including their chowders, Manhattan and New England. On top of that, Peter’s also offers a lobster bisque for you to try.

The Chowder Bar
Credit: The Chowder Bar

The Chowder House, located in Bayshore, is renowned for its homemade soups and rich seafood. Built in 1946, the restaurant’s rich history is just as captivating as its chowders, which won Bethage’s Best of L.I. Best Clam Chowder title last year. Looks like its motto, “Once you've nibbled, we'll have you hooked”, turns out to be true! The Chowder House serves Manhattan clam chowder, New England clam chowder, Long Island Clam chowder and other numerous soups.

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