Long Island

Best Cheese Shops on Long Island

Cheese might not be great for our cholesterol, but it’s too delicious to avoid! You can get top-shelf domestic and international cheeses right here on Long Island. Here are our four favorites.

March 25, 2022 | What To Do

Long Island

Three LI BBQ Joints You Need To Try

Nothing beats the experience of eating at a good barbeque joint. When you see a pile of wood stacked out front and smell smoke upon walking through the door, you know that you’re in for a great meal. These three Long Island restaurants are so good that they might just ruin barbecue anywhere else for you.

March 24, 2022 | What To Do

Long Island

Authentic Irish Restaurants on Long Island

It's not hard to find Irish pubs and restaurants on Long Island. It is hard however finding ones where the food is as good as the Guinness. Read on for the three best restaurants serving authentic Irish cuisine on Long Island.

March 11, 2022 | What To Do

Long Island

Restaurants Returning This Spring!

We know, it’s been a long winter. It’s hard to motivate yourself out of the house when the weather is biting and the day turns dark at 5 p.m. However, spring will be here before you know it! Spring brings chirping birds, colorful flowers and our favorite restaurant reopenings. Read below to learn about two beloved restaurants and two new ones that are coming out of hibernation in the next few weeks. They will brighten up your spring!

March 10, 2022 | What To Do

Long Island

Best Pizzerias on Long Island!

Long Island is a stone’s throw away from the birthplace of modern pizza. Gennaro Lombardi, inspired by the pies of Naples, created the American pie around 1905. Ever since, there’s been a raging debate about where to find the best pie in the city. We’re hesitant to enter that fray, but as far as where to get the best pie on Long Island, here are our top four spots.

March 8, 2022 | What To Do

Long Island

The Top Cajun Restaurants on Long Island

Fat Tuesday is one of the few days of the year where you can eat like a horse and not feel guilty about it and that makes it one of our favorite holidays! The food of Louisiana is legendary, and everyone should make a culinary road trip through Cajun Country at some point. If you can’t make it to Lafayette this year, there are many superb Cajun restaurants right here on Long Island that will let the good times roll!

March 1, 2022 | What To Do

Long Island

Best Irish Pubs on Long Island

Some people may think of a leprechaun or shamrock when they think about St. Patrick’s Day. Other people think of beer! Luckily, Long Island is not short on places to get a pint of Guinness, put on all the green you can find and head on over to one of these great Irish pubs!

February 25, 2022 | What To Do

Long Island

The Best Restaurants Serving Chowder on Long Island

February 25th is National Chowder Day! New England is rightfully known as the chowder capital of the world (pronounced “chowda” there), but Long Island doesn’t slouch when it comes to seafood stew. In fact, there is even a variety called Long Island Clam Chowder, which blends the New England and Manhattan styles and is pinkish in color! Without further ado, here are the top three chowder spots on Long Island.

February 24, 2022 | What To Do

Long Island

Take a Trip to Margaritaville: Three Restaurants Serving Delicious Margs!

Have you ever wondered where the name “margarita” comes from? One origin story is that the cocktail was invented in Galveston, Texas in the late 1940s, where bartender Santos Cruz made the cocktail for singer Peggy “Margaret” Lee. He named it after the Spanish version of her name, Margarita. Let’s raise a glass to National Margarita Day to Santos and Peggy! When life hands you limes, make margaritas and sip accordingly on February 22nd.

February 17, 2022 | Daily Bite

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